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ALERT: Simka & associates pocketing $761k and counting with 2017 crowdfunding

Feature film 'Bunny Bravo' from first raise seemingly on hold; suspicions of predatory scheme by some investors, insiders & self-directed researchers

Washed up podcaster Barry Katz dips his hands in the cookie jar on the second score

Funding portals MicroVentures & 28 others must be put under higher scrutiny by understaffed SEC enforcement. Bad timing for Trump to lay off 50 staff in this department. Internet version of Boiler Room happening right before our eyes because of how EASY it is to dupe the uneducated public while advertising a Title 3 raise for a bogus company.

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Email us your Crowdfunding experience with "Adventures of Bunny Bravo" and "SuperdopeTV" Score #1: $500k for Easter movie (460 victims) Score #2: $261k and counting (3 hours left & 269 victims) Any Reg CF investment is risky. Carefully read SuperdopeTV's Form C & unanswered questions from MicroVentures invesors prior to completing investment.

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Look up the the chain-smoking securities issuer

Hollywood Reg CF Blog: MSFAN

We'll keep the site up to date as new information becomes available and confirmed in hopes that no one else gets stiffed by Simka Entertainment via MicroVentures (First Democracy VC/Indiegogo).

Crowdfunding in Hollywood is like Reading TMZ

Simka Entertainment (Mychal Simka) doesn't read or abide by contract terms, and doesn't like to pay vendors. He signed on the dotted line for professional services performed for the Bunny Bravo LLCcampaign - amounting to over 1,600 hours worked to successfully raise $500k for the Hollywood film - and still outright refuses to pay those that worked so hard on his behalf.

Not surprisingly, Simka is now onto his second campaign - SuperdopeTV. If you have already done business with and are owed money by Simka Entertainment, Mychal Simka, Adventures of Bunny Bravo, or other Hollywood Crowdfunding campaign, we want to hear from you!


Always get paid up front.

Otherwise, he will allow you to work as much as you can, and then will not pay you once the services or products have been delivered.

Don't draw up or sign contracts.

It will be a waste of your time since he doesn't read or abide by them anyway.

Don't allow him to "renegotiate".

It's a useless task. He will only try to drain you dry.

Stay away.

Will investors or stiffed vendors, contractors, and hired guns EVER get paid back?

simka entertainment adventures of bunny bravo fraud adventures of bunny bravo investors complain they cant get refunds from adventures of bunny bravo

SuperdopeTV Investor Discussion Questions Ignored

On MicroVentures Crowdfunding Portal, Mychal Simka only answers questions that will make him look good.

Visit the First Democracy VC Investor Discussion

Mychal Simka Crowdfunding in Hollywood

Vendors, "partners", and contractors warn that Mychal Simka and his organization has repeatedly failed to abide by contracted terms. This site includes funny stories about crowdfunding in Hollywood using MicroVentures (First Democracy VC/Indiegogo).

Bad news bears View SuperdopeTV on MicroVentures Have you been wronged?

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Adventures of Bunny Bravo

Simka's first MicroVentures "get rich quick" plan using Hollywood buddies he met at his old job (got fired, of course). This low-quality animated film is supposed to launch at Easter 2018, but it doesn't appear that any progress has been made since he's so busy playing with Barry Katz and Bart Baker, using their celebrity status to get more crowdfunding

Bart Baker


So... did the Bunny Bravo investors sign up to be part of a marketing company for SuperdopeTV, or a cartoon about the Easter bunny? Many comments in the "Invstor Discussion" area on SuperdopeTV's FINRA-registerred MicroVentures listing report being confused.

SuperdopeTV is Simka's second MicroVentures "get rich quick" idea, this time with Barry Katz as co-owner. However, a $20k/month marketing contract is already in place between SuperdopeTV and Bunny Bravo, which, UP TO $285K IN INVESTED FUNDS WILL BE ALLOCATED FOR according to the MicroVentures campaign summary.

Barry Katz

Bill Clark's MicroVentures

Mychal Simka's favorite crowdfunding portal, because he's buddy-buddy with Bill Clark (who is usually much more selective with sponsors) to things he knows are downright sick. Many crowdfunding critics consider Title 3 of the JOBS act to be predatory in nature, despite the "full disclosure" on FINRA-registered portals.

That's why it's so important to always read the Form C to see that most of the companies have no track record. The verbiage at the bottom of their web site outlines the risk involved, but when Form C's are combined with internal campaign communication, often items are located that could be considered questionable to an investor.


Mychal Simka

The man, the myth, the legend

Producer Mychal Simka

Simka Entertainment

Wants to be the next Nickelodeon, but doesn't have the know-how. Simply a family of companies built on broken promises and Hollywood friends. Claims to be conducting business primarily in the areas of animated film and other kids entertainment.

Ariana Grande